Inntermezzo / NĂ©mesis

Album Concept & design

After working with them in a videoclip from their previous album, we worked together again to create something unique for their newest acoustic album, a totally do-it-yourself disc, self-recorded and self-produced. We wanted it to be as non-expensive to produce as possible, but without compromising the quality of the presentation.

Being a limited edition of 100, I proposed to print the slave in 2-sided glossy paper, with one side black and the other being white, playing with the Nemesis title; and the booklet was printed on black on A4 paper. We had to cut every case, fold the booklets and store it in plastic bags by ourselves. I also did a photoshoot with them on black and white background and clothes, matching the theme of the album. The result was 50 copies in black and 50 in white, while keeping the mail color in gold for both of them.