Escuela de Odio

Shirt Illustration

I was approached by the members of the hardcore band Escuela de Odio to design two different shirts, one with a simple lettering with a bit of illustration and a more complex one, reminiscent of the working class and the sovietic propaganda posters. They needed it in a hurry, so I just showed them the very best sketch and they loved it. The other tests weren't even sketches, so I'll show you the one that made it. It was started and finished the same very night while working at Resurrection Fest for like 18 hours a day. Needless to say that even though I didn't sleep that night, I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Delivered Friday morning, printed Friday evening, sold Friday night. I love my job!

I'm pretty proud my designs have once again travelled overseas, as Escuela de Odio were playing a bunch of shows in South America lately in 2014 to promote their new album, as part of their 20th Anniversary.