A selection of friendly budget videos filmed in the last years.

Second music video for Intermezzo. Filmed in Candás in a single evening with no lightning, stabilization, assistance or extras. We wanted a classic raw DIY look, so I decided to use a 50mm lens, grade it with faded black and white tones and give it an anamorphic cinematic aspect ratio of 2.39:1.

Promo teaser to reveal identity for Resurrection Fest 2018 Edition. Filmed in Laboral, Gijón in a morning using one extra for the main character and a hand-crafted Wintercroft mask.

Music video for Asturian band Inntermezzo. Band playing filmed in one evening over the roof of rehearsing place and history takes filmed in band’s hometown featuring friends and family members. A huge thanks to Espumeru Brew Bar, where I filmed the fake fight. This was part of a package for the band including a photoshoot, album design and music video shoot.

Music video for Acid Mess in their first iteration, when they played a totally different music style. Filmed in the rehearsal place in less than two hours with a single camera and a fixed 50mm lens.


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