Rock For Food

Rock For Food is a musical promoter based in Barcelona working on hospitality all around Spain.

The brief was as short as “To create a cool logo”. So I tried a few of my most used handlettered styles and really went overboard, so selecting what I was going to present the client from the maybe 25 I draw was maybe one of the more difficult steps in the whole process.

I was really blind as to what was ultimately needed, so after a round up of refinement and questions about the business, the goals and the image the brand wanted to project to the world, we narrow it down to a couple of key concepts. We decided the brand should use a flight case and the famous stenciled letters look you can find sprayed on any musician hard case.

Once the ideas were slowly cooked, it was very easy to create a cool logo. The deliverables also included a custom stencil typeface for the client to “write” the logotype in his own font in documents, social media, contracts…


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