Resurrection Fest 2013–2020

Resurrection Fest is much more than a music festival. The unofficial motto after all these years has always been something in the line “Made for fans, made by fans”, and that’s the spirit when it comes to the workplace. Keep local businesses and workload involved in the fest, handcraft as much as possible in the nearest factory possible, keep low budgets to give fans the lowest price possible… That’s what it’s like. It’s not about the money, but the music. It may sound cliché, but it’s as real as it gets.

I started collaborating with the organization in 2013 in the photoshoot for the poster. That edition I was part of the photography team during the festival, where I shot live performances and the public.

Next year in March, four months before the event, I became a part of the small team behind the curtains. From that point, I was in charge of the festival branding and art direction. My tasks since 2014 have included photography and creation and adaptation of posters, flyers, images for social networks and printed or digital publications, merchandising design, animated banners, venue decorations (lights, banners, stages, signage, information panels…), layouts for dossiers and catalogs, corporate stationery, identification material, infographics, web design, tickets and festival currency, final arts and a ton more stuff; as well as dealing first-hand with organizations like Monster, Spotify, Estrella Galicia, Xunta de Galicia, Tuenti and Vans to name a few sponsors, and the managing offices of first class international bands like Kiss, Scorpions, Rammstein, Iron Maiden or Slayer.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the Community Manager, we managed to increase the engagement of the festival to exceed 100,000 Facebook followers in my first two years working as a designer and we won a variety of prices for communication and branding at Iberian Music Awards and Premios Fest.

From top left to bottom right, official final posters for 2020-2013 editions.

Resurrection Fest 2020 — XV Edition
15 Years of Burning Passion

The art direction stage for this edition started sooner than previous versions due to early tour announcements from headliners. We needed a poster made before the big bands spoil the surprise, so it was a race against the clock. Being a huge milestone for a modest festival –fifteen editions since 2006– we wanted to release a teaser video before presenting the lineup, so an emergency meeting took place during Tsunami Xixon festival to make a few key decisions, like the main character, the story we wanted to tell or how to present it to the world.

A week later I was 500km away from home assisting the filmation and taking the photographs I needed to make it happen ASAP. The photocomposition was released a couple days before that and we’ve been working non-stop on the daily promos on social media since then.

The tickets were sold-out months ago, but due to Coronavirus the celebration is uncertain. Our relationship has been on hiatus since the world stopped moving in March.

First and second announcement posters and final distribution by days. Note the change in the usage of artwork, from teaser to full to background.
Artwork used for the final poster and collateral.
Artwork for first video teaser.
Artwork used for date announcements.
Limited Honorific Pass for Black Box buyers.
Black Box and limited edition graphic tee.
Presentation images made for every single band from the line up.
Shield to be used on cups and apparel.
Street Team and Online Shop logos.
Examples of adapted promos published on social media. Facebook and Instagram post and story here.
Images for Facebook event and profile, continuously updated.
Official logo for the XV Edition.
Official logo with slogan, date and location.

Given the sheer amount of work made during these eight years of hard working —from 2013 to 2020!– I’m currently digging through tons of files to show you images for the rest of the years.

If for any reason you can’t wait, please contact me!

Please, come back soon as I will be updating this often!


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