Kumi Textbook Covers

Kumi is a branch of Edelvives, a Spanish Editorial that creates religion textbooks for kids of all ages. The goal of this project was to create a hand lettered artwork to use on the cover of every religion book, from 1st to 6th grade –kids from 6 to 12– with three different booklets per grade translated into two languages, Spanish and Basque.

I got this commission through Madrid-based studio Wearebold, that briefed me with 32 new artworks, as 4 out of 36 had already been done and approved by Kumi. I took over the task and I had to send the first sketches on the very same day. I’m pretty quick crafting letters so it was no problem to keep the artworks flowing. It pretty intense because of all the sketches sent to the studio, then to the editorial, the approval lapses, working on next artworks, then receive the approval or changes for previous pieces, resend sketches for some of them and keep working on color… It was a staggered process with so many workflows happening at the same time!

Thanks to the fluid communication between Wearebold and me, we managed to finish it all in three weeks. That’s what i call a tight deadline; what’s not to love, huh?

A five steps process

Every piece of the project followed the same path, divided into five stages:

  1. It all starts with a sketch made with pencil and paper.
  2. The scanned sketch is vectorized for cleaner and crisper letters. If I wanted a rough and handmade look, I simply scanned a more detailed sketch.
  3. Color and volumes, shadows, shapes are introduced in this step.
  4. Edges of vectors are roughen at this point for a marker or brush stroke effect.
  5. In the last step, I add textures for an analog character.

Given the complexity and amount of steps involved to achieve this kind of hancrafted letters aspect, I decided to invest in an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil right after I finished this commissions. This single piece of equipments has changed my whole draw-scan-vector-color-distress workflow condensing all the steps into one, being able to work on this kind of pieces a lightning speed compared to the more traditional route.

1st Grade

1.1 A scrapbook for Jesus — Spanish by Wearebold
1.2 Miracles underground
1.3 We cook with spirit

2nd Grade

2.1 We expect surprises
2.2 A museum for senses
2.3 The genealogical lapbook

3rd Grade

3.1 Anonymous angels
3.2 By boat through the Sinai River
3.3 Who is who? — Spanish by Wearebold

4th Grade

4.1 The final battle
4.2 The world upside down
4.3 An unforgettable party

5th Grade

5.1 Change your school
5.2. Your craft world — Spanish by Wearebold
5.3 Final crash

6th Grade

6.1 Emotions on stage — Spanish by Wearebold
6.2 God talent
6.3 Youtubers for a day


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